10 Benefits of Having Small Class Sizes: National Culinary School

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If you have a dream of owning a restaurant, running a bakery, or traveling the world as a private chef, the idea of taking traditional college classes can be a hard pill to swallow. At many universities, undergrads attend lectures in large halls with hundreds of other students, all vying for the attention of a single professor.

When considering where to get a culinary degree in San Diego or elsewhere, it’s important to remember that class size can make a huge difference in the quality of your education.

At National Culinary School in La Mesa, we offer an alternative learning experience you won’t find at a four-year college – and that’s a good thing. We keep our classes small to ensure each student gets the most out of his or her culinary education. Our pastry classes are capped at 12 and our culinary classes at 15. This means hands-on instruction and individualized attention, all tailored to enhance your strengths and improve your weaknesses in the kitchen. Here are a few of the many ways we see our students benefit from small class sizes at National Culinary.

#1. Every student gets attention

In a small class, no one fades into the background. Each student gets individualized instruction, enabling him or her to get a firm grasp on the skills and techniques required to succeed in a professional kitchen.

#2. Successful job placement

With fewer students, instructors are able to make sure everyone receives the support they need to complete each module successfully. Upon graduation, we offer job assistance to help students start careers in the competitive restaurant industry.

#3. More efficient learning

Small classes means students can learn more material at a quicker pace. At the National Culinary School, we hold classes five days per week for better learning retention and to allow students to enter the workforce on a shorter timeline.

#4. Instructors can teach more effectively

In a small class, instructors have more of an opportunity to observe the class in its entirety and zero in on students who need assistance mastering particular skills and techniques. It also allows an instructor to prevent accidents before they happen.

#5. Classes become a community

The classes at the National Culinary School offer more than an opportunity to learn from a skilled instructor. The intimate environment also allows for students to connect with one another and feel comfortable sharing their ideas and creations.

#6. Opportunities to participate

Fewer students in a class means each individual gets a chance to demonstrate a new technique or skill and receive instant feedback from the instructor. This hands-on experience is crucial in retaining knowledge and gaining confidence in the kitchen.

#7. Focus on learning

In a large classroom, teachers often spend the first several minutes of every class drawing the attention of distracted students. With smaller class sizes, instructors are able to spend more time teaching new skills and catering to students’ different learning styles.

#8. Personalized feedback

With fewer students, instructors have more time to personalize their feedback. This way, every culinary student has a firm grasp of basic cooking skills before moving onto more advanced techniques.

#9. Opportunity for one-on-one instruction

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a small classroom is that students and culinary instructors can work one-on-one. This way, lower-level students get the help they need, while advanced students still feel like they’re being challenged.

#10. Ideas are shared

In a small class, students have more of an opportunity share ideas and experiences and ask questions that might benefit other students to hear. With fewer people, it’s less intimidating to speak up or ask for help.

If you’re looking for the best culinary school in San Diego, look no further. At National Culinary School, we offer an intimate learning environment that prepares our students for success on an individual level. If you need help mastering your knife skills, we can support you. If you’re looking for a bigger challenge, we’ll push you to expand your creative boundaries. With fewer students in each class, you are empowered to share your ideas and receive personalized instruction to help you achieve your goals.

If you’re ready to launch your career in culinary or baking and pastry arts, our programs will give you the skills, techniques, and confidence you need to get there. Give us a call to learn more about your options, or fill out our online enrollment form to start the application process today!