chefs creating pastries in the kitchen

Top 6 Things You’ll Learn in Culinary School

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the food industry, one of the best steps you can take...

culinary students smiling together

Advanced Baking and Pastry Courses | How to Continue Your Culinary Education

A pastry is an incredible canvas for any culinary composer. The possibilities for a pastry are endless, allowing you to...

culinary student cooking in kitchen

Exciting Career Options For Culinary School Graduates

A culinary school specializes in getting you ready to take on the culinary world. The program opens up a whole...

student learning to become a chef

What Does it Take to Become a Chef?

Everyone who has a passion for cooking has at least entertained the notion of becoming a chef. It just seems...


Chef Lingo and Cooking Terms: New Vocabulary You Learn in Culinary School

Have you ever sat near the kitchen of a busy restaurant and heard the back-of-house team speaking in what sounded...

new job as a chef

Want A Food Career But You’re Not A Chef? New Year, New Job

We spend about a third of our lives at work. If you love to cook and you’re unhappy with your...

pastry chefs in the kitchen

What Are the Benefits of a Baking and Pastry Arts Education?

If you daydream about opening a cupcake shop or developing dessert menus for the finest restaurants in San Diego, it...

Chef Rolon cooking

You Have to Be Hungry: An Interview with Chef Michael Rolon

Not everyone likes to play in the kitchen, but for some, the idea of a career in the culinary arts...

culinary careers available in san diego

How to Kick Off Your Culinary Career

Anyone who loves cooking has imagined turning his or her passion for making sauces, soups, and soufflés into a culinary...

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