Top Summer Cooking Tips | What to Know

With each new season of the year comes a whole new set of cooking tips and rules. The stews of...

chefs creating pastries in the kitchen

Top 6 Things You’ll Learn in Culinary School

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the food industry, one of the best steps you can take...

culinary students smiling together

Advanced Baking and Pastry Courses | How to Continue Your Culinary Education

A pastry is an incredible canvas for any culinary composer. The possibilities for a pastry are endless, allowing you to...

culinary student cooking in kitchen

Exciting Career Options For Culinary School Graduates

A culinary school specializes in getting you ready to take on the culinary world. The program opens up a whole...

student learning to become a chef

What Does it Take to Become a Chef?

Everyone who has a passion for cooking has at least entertained the notion of becoming a chef. It just seems...


Chef Lingo and Cooking Terms: New Vocabulary You Learn in Culinary School

Have you ever sat near the kitchen of a busy restaurant and heard the back-of-house team speaking in what sounded...

new job as a chef

Want A Food Career But You’re Not A Chef? New Year, New Job

We spend about a third of our lives at work. If you love to cook and you’re unhappy with your...

pastry chefs in the kitchen

What Are the Benefits of a Baking and Pastry Arts Education?

If you daydream about opening a cupcake shop or developing dessert menus for the finest restaurants in San Diego, it...

Chef Rolon cooking

You Have to Be Hungry: An Interview with Chef Michael Rolon

Not everyone likes to play in the kitchen, but for some, the idea of a career in the culinary arts...

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