Cooking Tricks Only Taught At Culinary School

Everyone has their little tricks and tips in the kitchen. No matter how basic, these little tricks can all combine to make you a better chef, making delicious food that your friends and family can all enjoy. However, if you want to get serious about your cooking and get a job in the culinary industry, you need to get the cooking secrets from culinary experts. At the National Culinary School in San Diego, you will get cooking tricks that will take your dishes to the next level. Below you can find just a taste of the cooking tricks taught at culinary school, and for more tricks join the National Culinary & Baking School in San Diego by calling (619) 249-5180.

1. Add Olive Oil

There are a plethora of foods that can be improved with a helping of olive oil. Many chefs top off most of their dishes with a well-placed dollop of olive oil, giving your meal a dash of flavor and a smooth and silky finish.

2. Salt is Your Friend

One of the most common cooking mistakes is under-salting food. Salt unleashes flavors and seasoning that can make your food stand out, and salt is the best friend of any experienced chef. One tip to avoid over-salting is to progressively salt your food at each step of the cooking process rather than heavily salting at the beginning or end of their meal. Release salt from high above the dish to ensure even distribution.

3. Let Your Steak Sit

When grilling most people just grab a steak from the fridge and huck it right onto the grill. However, this is a sure way to get an unevenly cooked steak. To optimize the taste and flavor of your steak the next time you are grilling, remove it from the fridge an hour or so before putting it on heat, allowing the steak to reach room temperature. Now you can much more easily cook the steak evenly.

4. Finish Your Pasta in Sauce

One neat trick to get restaurant quality pasta is to finish it in the sauce you plan to use. Before your pasta is finished cooking, put it in your sauce for the final few minutes of cooking. This will ensure the noodles soak up the flavor of your sauce and leave the sauce clinging to your pasta for dear life.

5. Brine Chicken and Pork Chops

The key to white meat is to get it nice and juicy. While usually only associated with turkey, brining chicken and pork chops is a great way to get moist and delicious meat. Soak the meat in cold salt water before you cook it, helping to release a vibrant flavor and delicious texture.

6. Perfectly Shape Your Patty

Are you tired of misshapen patties that look like Frankenstein’s monster? Then follow these tips for the perfect patty. First, slam the patty down on a cutting board to release any air bubbles. Next, make a small indent in the center of the patty. This will make for a beautiful and delicious burger when you toss them on the grill.

Learn More Cooking Tips at the National Culinary & Baking School

If you are interested in learning more cooking tips and becoming a restaurant-grade chef, enroll at the National Culinary & Baking School in San Diego today. Our expert instructors can provide you with the inside tips on how to become a better chef, all the while teaching you a variety of important skills you will need to succeed. To learn more about the National Culinary & Baking School, contact us today by calling (619) 249-5180