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At National Culinary School, we have made it our mission to provide our students with the highest quality culinary training and education to prepare them for their careers as future chefs in top restaurants all around the world. Our program develops a solid foundation starting from basic to advanced techniques of culinary arts, bakery, and pastry arts. We strive to provide the best culinary education in San Diego. Read the testimonials below to see what people have to say about National Culinary School!

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I had a fantastic experience at the school. The small classes were especially important to me. I liked the fact that I had a core group of classmates that I was able to grow with and learn from. You really have to commemorate Chef Michael Rolon's dedication and passion to the culinary arts. He always pushed us to be better than we were the day before. Always offering guidance and understanding to us when we met a challenge. He drove us to be superb instead of subpar. Being a nineteen year old wanting to be a chef, I'm glad I attend National Culinary & Baking School. It was the right first step in my career.

- Manuel Romo-Lara
Attended National Culinary School 8/1/2016-12/22/2016

Attending National Culinary and Baking school was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I loved the small school environment and the owner and instructor were very sincere and dedicated to the school and their students.  I suggested anyone considering attending culinary or baking school to  making the phone call and schedule an appointment to take a tour of the school to see it yourself.

-Mary R. from Yelp

I'm a graduate of National Culinary & Bakery School and, I have to say, this school changed my life a lot. Chef/instructor Sohrab was very welcoming & helping when I first visited the school, so I decided to start learning there. Total 6 months of baking class was not easy and required much effort both in body and mind, but I could successfully graduate the school thanks to chef Sohrab and many kind classmates.

-Young Sun L. from Yelp

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