Want A Food Career But You’re Not A Chef? New Year, New Job

We spend about a third of our lives at work. If you love to cook and you’re unhappy with your current job, you probably spend a good chunk of your free time daydreaming about an inspiring and fulfilling culinary career. The only problem: you’re not a chef. In fact, there’s nothing on your resume that could land you a job in a kitchen – yet. It’s easy to forget that even the world’s most famous chefs had to start somewhere.

If you’re serious about pursuing a career change, there’s no better time for a fresh start than the New Year. Here are four resolutions that will push you a little bit closer to your dream culinary career.

1. Do a career check-up

As with any major life change, it can be scary to relinquish the security that your current career provides. Writing down how you feel about your job can help you see your situation objectively. If you’re not learning anything, feel undervalued, or are just doing it for the money, seeing these feelings written down on paper may inspire you to make a change.

2. Update your resume

Make it your goal in 2018 to add at least one new item to the “skills” and “education” sections of your résumé. For skills, your management or bookkeeping experience could translate into your future culinary career. To beef up your education, consider enrolling in a cooking class or short-term culinary program in San Diego.

3. Start networking

The best time to expand your network is long before you start looking for a new job. Ask friends and co-workers if they know anyone in the culinary world. Or, do some research of your own and reach out to local chefs in San Diego. You might be surprised to find that many are willing to chat with you. At the very least, join some online groups for culinary professionals.

4. Gain experience

Switching to a culinary career means you’re essentially starting your career over again from square one. Get a part-time job in a restaurant working nights or weekends. Or, sign up to volunteer at a local soup kitchen preparing food for people in need. These are items you can list on your résumé when you’re ready to officially change careers.

Ready for a career change? A culinary program can help you get there

It can be difficult to leave a job that provides long-term stability, regardless of how uninspiring and monotonous it may be. However, the New Year presents a great opportunity to check in with yourself and see if your career trajectory truly aligns with your interests. If you have a dream of working in a kitchen or opening your own restaurant, make 2018 the year you follow your passion and enroll in a culinary program.

At National Culinary & Baking School in San Diego, our culinary arts program provides aspiring chefs with a solid foundation of cooking techniques from basic to advanced. With small class sizes, extensive hands-on training, and entry into our job assistance program, students graduate with the knowledge, experience, and support they need to succeed. Ready to take the leap? Fill out our online enrollment form or give us a call at (619) 249-5180 to get started.